Submitting A Car Insurance Claim Need Not Be Painful

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Having driven for many years, I have found myself in the position of filing a car insurance claim once and a while. The most recent claims I have had to file have been due to hitting a deer. I felt sorry that the animal had to die, but I also felt sorry for myself, after seeing the damage that had occurred.

Sometimes, especially when it was my fault, I felt a lot of stress when I submitted a car insurance claim. The person who I talked to, usually on the phone, wanted to know all of the details. You will find that you are often stressing about which piece of information that you give them will result in a rise in your premiums, a cancelled policy, or a fit of laughter from the other end of the phone.

When I file a claim I find that the agent is very helpful and sympathetic. This makes it painless to file a claim. They are the first to ask me if everyone involved is ok.

Contacting your local agent first is the best way to go. You might have to contact the insurance company's claim office eventually, but your local agent will be able to point you in the right direction. They will give you information on what you will need to tell them and how it should be presented.

When another person and their vehicle is part of the process, things might get a bit more complicated. This is when every single bit of information that you can muster is important. This information includes timing, place, your story of what happened, names of any people or witnesses involved, the types of cars involved, license plates, and any conditions.

You want your insurance company to take your side whether the accident was your fault or not. In order for this to happen, you need to be honest and give them as much information as possible. This will make the claim process a lot easier.

Up to now the discussion has been about what to do and what to expect in the event you have to file a claim. If you are a first time buyer of car insurance or looking for another insurance company you'll want some idea of what you can expect in terms of coverage, premiums, and customer service. Thanks to the Internet, getting free car insurance quotes is relatively easy, much easier than in the pre-Internet age when one had to rely on magazine and newspaper advertisements and multiple phone calls to gather information to base a decision upon.

A quick search in any search engine can get you started in getting a free car insurance quote. Talk to other people in order to get information on customer service of various companies. When you combine talking to others and the internet, you are sure to find a company that will allow fast and painless car insurance claims.

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