The Secret To Getting a Proper Insurance Claim Settlement

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A Public Adjuster will prepare all necessary estimates and inventories of damage that are required to document your claim. Public Adjusters will assist you in fulfilling all policy requirements and demands made by your insurance company.

Public Adjusters will meet with the insurance company representatives and handle all details and negotiations essential to you receiving a proper settlement. You are informed of the progress and status of your claim on a regular basis.

When you have a Public Adjusting firm representing your interests in the insurance claim process, you don't just have one specialist representing you, you have a team. You will have a experienced specialist arrive to evaluate your contents and substantiate the claim. You will also have an experienced building estimator review any structural damage and provide real-world estimates for replacing what is damaged.

Experience is key; Public Adjusters have the knowledge and training to successfully represent your interests and maximize your insurance claim. Public Adjusters work on your behalf so you receive the best possible insurance settlement.

Additionally, you will have a licensed public adjuster who is a skilled negotiator to represent your interests at all meetings with insurance company adjusters. This team approach will ensure that you leave nothing behind in your insurance claim, and you will be fully reimbursed in the shortest time possible. Since we have worked with many insurance company adjusters over the years, we have an established rapport with them, making the adjustment process go smoothly.

Why does a property owner need a Public Adjuster?
A Public Adjuster works for the property owner, not the insurance company. The highly stressful period following a loss is a difficult time for individuals and businesses. A Public Adjuster can take those major headaches away and let you get back to your home or business. A typical fire or flood policy contains hundreds of provisions and stipulations, constantly changing forms and endorsements, and many complex details such as inventory appraisals and real estate evaluations that are required in case of a loss. Most policyholders do not know that the burden of proof is theirs. Public Adjusters know the insurance business and are familiar with all procedures so they can work quickly to expedite payments. Florida Public Adjusters and United States Adjusters
By Bryan Thomas
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Seven Steps to Filing Your Car Insurance Claim

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Having even a teeny-tiny car accident can be one of life's least enjoyable moments. However, accidents happen, and sooner or later, we all have the experience of meeting one of our fellow road travelers up close and personal. Using the following seven steps to filing your claim will help you get over this speed bump as smoothly as possible.

Step 1: Understand your policy

Before a loss, sit down and carefully read your insurance policy. Call your agent or company if you have any questions about what is or is not covered.

Step 2: Exchange information

If you are involved in an accident, get the other driver's name, address, phone number, insurance carrier, and insurer's phone number. Be prepared to give the same information about yourself to the other driver. You can find insurers' telephone numbers on the proof-of-insurance cards that should be carried on your person when operating a motor vehicle.

Step 3: Identify witnesses

Ask witnesses to the accident for their names and phone numbers in case their account of the accident is needed.

Step 4: File an accident report

Contact local law enforcement officers to have an accident report prepared. If law enforcement is not reachable, accident reports and detailed instructions are available at all police departments, sheriff's offices, your local Department of Motor Vehicles office, and on your local Department of Motor Vehicles' web site.

Step 5: Notify your insurer

Contact your insurance company about the accident as soon as possible. An insurance adjuster will review the accident report to determine who caused the accident. If the accident was not your fault, you can have either your insurance company or the at-fault driver's insurance company handle the repair or replacement of your vehicle. If you use the other driver's company, you will not have a claim on your automobile policy and you will not have to pay a deductible.

Step 6: Do not release insurers too early

Do not relieve your insurance company of its responsibility until the damages are settled to your satisfaction. For example, have your insurance company handle the claim if the other party's insurance company questions its policyholder's negligence or offers an unacceptable settlement.

Step 7: Consider these settlement factors

. Bodily injuries: You may be entitled to a monetary settlement for injuries caused by another at fault (liable) party. It can take several days for some injuries to become apparent.

. Damages: The insurance company is responsible to pay for the reasonable cost of repairs to your vehicle. An insurance adjuster will assess the damage. Usually, insurance companies and auto body shops negotiate disagreements about what should be repaired. If you disagree with their conclusions, you have the right to obtain another appraisal at any auto body shop.

. Appraisal clause: Most auto insurance policies include an appraisal clause, which can be used to help settle disputes about physical damage claims between you and your insurance company. (The appraisal clause does not apply for claims you file with the other party's insurance company.) If you cannot reach an agreement with your company, you or your insurer can initiate the appraisal clause. Your appraiser and your insurer's appraiser then select an independent umpire to try to resolve the dispute. Check your policy or ask your agent or insurance company for more information about the appraisal clause.

And that is it. While filing a claim is certainly no fun, following these seven steps will make the process almost as easy as getting free quotes and purchasing your car insurance at

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Jon Register is a representative of You can visit at or contact them at 1-877-327-8728.'s online insurance marketplace gives an opportunity to consumers and to insurance companies. We offer the ability to shop for car insurance online.

Consumers can receive quotes from many insurance companies, in some states you are able to purchase your insurance instantly, online. You don't have to drive your car to buy car insurance. Buy online...anytime!

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Bangkok Insurance

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Bangkok Insurance

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Roy D Mercer- Insurance Claim

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insurance claim roy d mercer

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Auto Insurance

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An informative video on auto insurance.

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Disability Income Insurance That Can Keep You Safe

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In these troubled times, no one is safe from becoming completely broke due to illness, injury or disability. While there are a few that could live off of their savings for awhile, this will not get everyone through the times when you really it. This is why everyone should look at getting disability income insurance.

An Insurance Plan For Your Situation

While many companies offer their employees disability income insurance as part of the benefits package, these plans are usually short term and are related to on the job injuries. Bt what if you become disabled outside of work, but still can no longer work where you once did? This is when you need to look into supplemental disability income insurance.

So what does disability income insurance provide to you? If you are injured outside of work and can no longer function at your job, you can be eligible to draw benefits from your disability income insurance. These benefits will cover the day-to-day expenses and can get you through the weeks or months that you will be out of a job. You will still be able to pay your bills and keep your head above water. In order to be fully protected, a long term insurance plan will pay benefits longer than a short term insurance plan. Short term disability income insurance only has a coverage of up to two years, while long term plans will be able to cover you until the age of 65.

In order to find the right disability income insurance plan for you, you will want to calculate how much you have in monthly expenses. For disability income insurance, the benefits should be able to cover about 60 to 70 percent of these expenses. On top of that, you must consider any rise in medical costs and educational costs in case you will have the opportunity to retrain for a new career and get back on your feet.

Disability income insurance can help you maintain your current lifestyle while getting the rest that you need in case it is only a temporary disability. If it is deemed permanent, and there is no other way for you to work again, your disability income insurance will still carry you through. Some plans also adjust for inflation, so you will want to check on that as well when you are looking for your disability income insurance.

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