Auto Insurance - Some Observations, Needs and How to get yourself the Best and Cheapest Policy

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The recent study conducted to gauge the driving knowledge of common Americans revealed that the Oregon drivers fared best with a score of 89% (the average score required to pass a normal driving test is 70%) and the Rhode Island drivers were ranked lowest with an average score of 77%.

The results depicted the test scores of around five thousand licensed individuals nationwide, falling in the age group of 16 years - 65 years. The written test comprised of 20 questions on the same lines as the ones asked at the time of awarding state level driver licenses or permits. The whole initiative was carried out by the GMAC (General Motors Acceptance Corporation) Insurance.

The overall inference that can be drawn from the test results is that a lot of Americans are significantly lacking in basic knowledge of traffic rules and safe automobile driving. The comprehensive study revealed that in fact if a test were to be conducted today, almost one in ten drivers (which is a whopping 20 million US citizens) would fail the state driving test.

Almost all the States of America have made it mandatory for drivers to have an auto insurance policy in place before venturing out on to the streets with their vehicles. Selecting the right auto insurance policy can be a very difficult task as there are various factors that come into play. You need to be well prepared to get the just right kind of policy that doesn't dig deep into your pockets and provides you with a satisfactory insurance cover too.

If you wish to have the cheapest auto insurance available in your state, you must begin with studying the basic insurance laws of your state. Find out the legal minimum requirement for not getting penalized and then start scouting for the basic minimum plans that are available meeting those requirements.

The decision to purchase the kind of auto insurance plan rests completely with you. If you are a more of Ferrari types and zoom past the city streets everyday, it'll be best to get the most advance auto insurance cover, else if you are the sober kinds who adhere the traffic laws to the hilt and rarely venture out in your vehicle, even the most basic cover would do.

Auto insurance has various aspects like liability cover, collision cover, comprehensive cover, medical coverage etc. to it. So if you are covered for liability, your policy will pay up in case you cause any accidental damage to anyone else's property. With a comprehensive cover, all the damages to the vehicle occurring from causes like natural disaster, political unrest etc. are covered. If you've opted for the collision cover, only the damage suffered by your car is paid. Medical coverage takes care of your medical expenses resulting from an accident.
There are several other types of covers too and your final auto insurance policy will be a mix and match of them, depending on your preferences.

So before you head online or offline to purchase an auto insurance policy, there are several factors that you'll need to think on. However, with a systematic approach, everything will fall in its right place.
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