How Much Disability Insurance Will You Need?

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There are a lot of questions when it comes to disability insurance, but you will need to know what type of disability insurance will cover your needs when you cannot work.

The Factors And Costs Of Disability Insurance

The recommendation for disability coverage for an average person is a policy that will replace at least 60 to 70 percent of your total taxable earnings. And if you want to purchase disability insurance with your dollars after taxes, you will be able to get tax-free benefits. But, if you are getting disability insurance through your employer, your plan will probably be subject to taxes. This all depends on how you want to pay for your insurance plan.

The concern that many people have is whether they should get long term disability insurance on top of their existing disability insurance plan. The answer depends upon the risk that you have for becoming disabled. If you work at a dangerous job that can easily kill or harm you during the course of the day, you will probably want this extra coverage.

Small business owners also have to choose what type of disability insurance that they need because they need to have something set in place that will help them out when they are no longer able to run or to protect the business if the owner becomes disabled. Overhead expense policies are something that a small business owner should look into if they want to help protect their business in case of a situation where they become disabled.

How To Determine The Amount Of Coverage That You Need

The best way to determine how much of a benefit that you would need if you had to use your disability insurance is to ask yourself how much monthly income would you need to cover your living expenses. And if you are disabled, you will want to make sure that you take into consideration whether these expenses will fluctuate due to your injury. You will also need to consider the high medical costs, lower work expenses and any expenses that you will need in order to retrain for a new job. And if you are unable to work again at all, you will have to look for another way to get disability payments beside the short term policy that is offered by your employer. All of these factors will determine how much coverage that you will need from your disability insurance.

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