Getting The Most From Business Property Insurance

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Most business is conducted from a set physical location; be it an office, factory, or retail presence, there is usually a brick and mortar building to put a name onto. With this building there is the need to safeguard the building and the contents within it. Business Property Insurance was created to deal with this very fact. This type of commercial business insurance deals strictly with physical buildings and any other physical assets of the business within it depending on the coverage purchased. Business property insurance is the safety net for when there is severe damage to the physical aspect of the business and allows for continued operation of the business.

What Needs Coverage

Business property insurance should include a broad range of coverage to protect both you and your business from a variety of loss. Your insurance agent or company should include the following into your policy:

Buildings – insurance would be required if you own the building your business occupies, especially if there is a bank loan involved. If you lease the building, then the landlord would provide for the business property insurance.
Business personal property – this portion of the insurance would cover what is inside the building such as office furniture, equipment, any machinery or any other stationary furnishings used by the business. If you lease the building, this should also include any improvements made to the building such as wall dividers or counter space added on.
Loss of Income – this part of the policy would provide assistance to ensure that bills are paid and services are not disrupted by damage to the building or its contents from such things as fires or anything which destroys part of the building.
Earthquake or Flooding – depending on the location of the business this piece of insurance can be very helpful in the event of natural disaster if it is available in your area.

Other Minor Areas To Include

There is a business property insurance policy known as an “all-risk” policy which can be structured to cover other miscellaneous items such as:
Computer hardware and software
Files and records
All equipment

Failure to include as much as possible into your business property insurance policy could result in losses that you are not otherwise able to cover. This is why many insurance agents will attempt to structure the broadest range of coverage in your business property insurance policy. The premiums you pay now will be worth the cost of possibly saving the business later.

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